I am Annie

I am a woman, a wife, a mum, a Christian and a psychologist, all labels more likely to limit than enlighten. 

As an Extravert, I find that I can’t quite articulate my thoughts until I speak or write them.  This blog is my attempt to process my thoughts on lots of things from politics to passion, faith to fundamental human rights. 

I am excited about having somewhere to keep track of how my thinking develops but also slightly terrified of this process being exposed to the world.  My main aims in life are to be Brave and Kind.  You can’t be brave without feeling scared so maybe the fear is a good thing.  I just hope kind manages to triumph here too. 

‘Annie thinks…’ is in the present tense deliberately.  I’ve discovered that my thinking, even about things I’m fairly sure about, changes as I listen and think some more.  So , I hope you’ll join me and we can all think together.

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